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18K Gold Diamond Twins Ring


21K Gold Cubic Zirconia Twins Ring


18K Gold Cubic Zirconia Twin Rings


21K Gold Cubic Zirconia Twins Ring


18K Gold Diamond Eternity Ring

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18K Gold Diamond Twins Ring


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Shop For Engagement Jewelry In UAE

Step into a world of romance and all things love with our captivating collection of love and engagement jewelry. Whether you're ready to propose, celebrate your wedding day, make a grand gesture on Valentine’s Day or want to find the perfect piece for your bridal ensemble, our timeless designs will forever symbolize your love story.

Seal Your Promise with Stunning Engagement Rings

Discover the perfect expression of your commitment with our stunning engagement rings. Each ring is a work of art, capturing the essence of love and devotion. Choose from an array of designs, from classic solitaires to intricate halo settings, to find the one that perfectly reflects your unique love story. Fall in love all over again with our breathtaking collection of engagement rings.

Timeless Elegance with Wedding Rings

Celebrate the beginning of your forever with our timeless wedding rings. Crafted with utmost care and precision, our wedding bands are a true testament to enduring love. Whether you desire a simple and elegant band or a dazzling diamond-studded design, our collection offers a variety of options to symbolize your unbreakable bond.

Radiate Grace with Exquisite Bridal Jewelry

Look your very best on your special day with our exquisite bridal jewelry collection. From elegant necklaces in 18K and 21K gold to dazzling earrings studded with diamonds, pearls or colored stones, our collection has something for every bride. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to add a touch of grace and glamour to your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Forever Captivated - Gold Engagement Rings

Mark your commitment with the warm and timeless glow of our gold engagement rings. Crafted in the finest quality gold, these rings embody a sense of permanence and lasting beauty. Whether you prefer classic yellow gold, romantic rose gold, or contemporary white gold, our collection offers an array of choices to suit your style.

The Brilliance Of Diamond Engagement Rings

Declare your love with diamond engagement rings from our stunning collection of love and engagement jewelry. Each diamond is ethically sourced and selected for its exceptional sparkle and fire, ensuring that your ring truly stands out. Symbolizing eternal love, our diamond engagement rings capture the light of your relationship, making every moment shine with joy and love.

The Perfect Union - Matching Wedding Bands

Commemorate your union with our exquisite matching wedding bands. These perfectly paired sets are a reflection of your unbreakable bond and shared journey. Crafted to complement each other, our matching wedding bands symbolize the unity of your love and the promise of a lifetime together.

Love is a feeling that cannot be expressed by words but it can be expressed the best with our love and engagement jewelry collection. So, go ahead and declare your love with a piece from L'azurde's UAE lovely range.


Which stone is best for an engagement ring?

It depends on what you and your partner like.

What color of the ring is best for engagement?

Any color that you like!

Why an engagement ring is important?

An engagement ring is meant to mark your love!

What are the 4 types of engagement rings?

The 4 types of engagement rings are solitaire, diamond band, halo, and trilogy rings.