Craftsmanship Perfected by Technology

Exceptional artistry meets cutting-edge technology. Embrace a fusion of heritage craft techniques and modern innovation with lasting brilliance at the heart of each piece.


Fashionable and Exquisite Designs

Celebrate uniqueness with ETERNA. Our range of curated designs capture the newest of trends for captivating style that reflects your individual personality.


Affordable Diamonds for Everyday

We believe in marking each of life’s moments with sparkle. Choose ETERNA for exceptional value on high quality diamonds to wear for every occasion.


Flawlessly Designed with Sustainable Advantage

ETERNA’s eco-conscious spirit: The perfect blend of sustainability and sophistication to make a commitment to the environment without compromise on excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETERNA?

ETERNA is our pioneering collection of Lab-Grown Diamonds, empowering our customers in their diamond choices. The collection introduces a new era of innovation at L’Azurde, allowing you to find diamonds that match your unique personality and stay on-trend at purse-friendly prices – all with an eco-conscious mindset.

With ETERNA, we're dedicated to enhancing life's precious moments and making each sparkle more meaningful and mindful. Our jewelry combines cutting-edge technology and exquisite craftsmanship to cater to diverse lifestyles and budgets, created to last.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, are both chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds. They are created in controlled environments using advanced technological processes to achieve excellent quality.

Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds, sharing the same chemical composition and physical properties as natural diamonds. They are simply grown in a laboratory rather than being mined from the Earth.

Can you distinguish lab-grown from natural diamonds?

Distinguishing between lab-grown and natural diamonds can be challenging without specialized equipment. Both types have the same visual and chemical characteristics.

Are lab-grown diamonds more eco-friendly?

While both natural and lab-grown diamonds have eco-friendly aspects, lab-grown diamonds are considered to be more favorable to the environment as they require less energy and water to produce, and have a smaller carbon footprint compared to natural.

Are lab-grown diamonds more affordable?

Generally, lab-grown diamonds are more cost-effective than their natural counterparts, offering a budget-friendly option for those seeking high-quality diamonds with similar attributes. Many of our customers also choose to upgrade their diamond size with lab-grown diamonds due to their affordability advantage.

Are lab-grown diamonds better than natural diamonds?

This really depends on your preference and what is right for you. By tradition, natural diamonds have long been a precious and coveted luxury; however, lab-grown diamonds are now allowing individuals to maximize their budget and be eco-conscious, as well as own seamless quality.